Our photo booths

The external appeal…

Available in glossy black or silk white, our photo booths are designed to fit in perfectly at any type of event including parties, weddings and corporate functions.  We don’t have any branding on our booths so they won’t look out of place in any scenario.

Choose Black


Or White


Or a custom wrap

*Not included as standard

Which ever you choose our booths come packed with the same great features!

Packed full of features

At PicMe we pride ourselves on giving you more in your photo booth hire than you’d expect.  That’s why we use the very best equipment throughout.  From our 18mp camera to our professional dye sub printers we want you to be wowed at the quality of our photo booths and your pictures.

18mp photos

We use cannon DSLR cameras in all of our booths.  Couple this with professional soft studio lighting and you can’t help but be impressed with the quality of the shots.

Green Screen

With our green screen the possibilities are endless.  Choose the style of green screen image (humorous, landmarks, fireworks etc.) from inside the booth.

Don’t want green screen? – No problem, have a coloured backdrop instead.

Instant prints

You would think this would be a given, a photo booth prints out high quality instant prints.  But sadly not all booths are created equal.  We only use professional grade dye sub printers in our booth.  They print out in around 15 seconds – touch dry and ready to rock.

Touch Screen

Our photo booths all come equipped with a simple to use touch screen (see the example on the right).  Along with visual prompts, the photo booth will give you actual voice instructions, reminding you to smile for your picture before it flashes up on the screen for you to preview before printing!

Bespoke designs

At PicMe we take our prints to the next level.  Anyone can generate a classic strip – they’ve been doing it for years in post offices.  We offer FREE customisation of any of our existing strips, and, if you have a theme in mind, we’d be happy to create something as unique as your event.

Facebook sharing

Whether you choose to upload your images instantly through our social media stand, or wait until after your event, sharing your images with friends and family is a wonderful way to relive the fun and share the experience with people who couldn’t make it.

Digital copies

Once your event is over you can relive the fun by seeing all of the images taken throughout the night, download copies, share and tag all from your very own gallery.  We can also add a password if you’d like some on-line privacy.

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